Wednesday August 29th, 2018

Wedding photographer in the Balearic Islands

Wedding photographer in the Balearic Islands

Are you looking for a quality service for your wedding? I offer my services as a wedding photographer in the Balearic Islands, in Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca, as the best option, capturing every moment of your wedding day.

Quality, naturalness and professionalism

In Studio Fused founded in 2012 and specialized in wedding coverages in Ibiza, you will find exactly what you need to not forget the essence and emotion of each moment in an unforgettable day. I cover your wedding day with the professionalism that identifies me for several years, developing a quality work recognized by the couples who request my services.

With my extensive experience I can advise you on everything you need to know about wedding coverages in the Balearics, knowing first-hand your wishes in order to achieve photographic productions with an innovative visual aesthetic, meeting the demands of the bride and groom at all times.

Extensive, detailed and totally personalised reports for your dream day that will allow you to tell your wedding story with naturalness and elegance.


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Get quality photos, both in content and technical level with the advantages of hiring a comprehensive service and leave your wedding images in the hands of a professional wedding photographer in the Balearics. I offer you the possibility of capturing the moments of the most important day of your life with photos of elegant, natural, modern and fresh style.

Capturing the unique moments of your wedding with creativity, the story will be captured with all the nuances and different arguments, documenting the details without forgetting the protocol. I offer a new way of telling each wedding because it is unique, different and very special, freezing the couple’s emotions so that they endure over time with images that reflect the personality of both, along with family members and loved ones.

Hire a complete service for your photo story. Bet on capturing the unforgettable moments of a great day, including every stage: preparation, arrival at the ceremony, party and banquet, toast with the guests, wedding dance, etc.


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Hire my service as a wedding photographer in the Balearic Islands and from the first moment I will capture step by step the nerves, feelings, previous moments in your home, emotions on the surface of the relatives and bride and groom. Until after the dance, I advise to continue with the report to describe step by step the story with a complete coverage of your wedding.

Studio Fused is a comprehensive proposal to leave in professional hands the day most expected by the bride and groom. Celebrate your wedding and forget everything to enjoy the most with your partner, turn your photos into a unique memory for life.

Dream weddings! Remember to consult your personalized budget with competitive prices and the advantages of receiving professional advice. Discover the benefits of having a quality service and start living the great day today, immortalizing each memory with the most modern pictures.

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