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Wedding photographer in Ibiza: 10 useful tips to choose

Wedding photographer in Ibiza: 10 useful tips to choose

From Studio Fused, we want to offer 10 very useful tips for choosing a wedding photographer in Ibiza, so that the most important day of your life does not have a bad memory.

Some points to take into account, how the photographic style you want, knowing the best photographers in Ibiza or if you are going to sign a contract, are some key points for the choice of a wedding coverage in Ibiza is a total success.

Let’s get started.

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1. Choose the photographic style you like best

There are different photographic styles for a wedding coverage, and there are many photographers specialized in each of them. It is important to be clear and well aware of these photographic styles, as each of them will reflect your personality as a couple. The main styles of wedding photography in Ibiza are the following:

  • Classic: where the photographer has a “list” of photographs to take, very traditional and with poses.
  • Photojournalistic style: This is a documentary style, where the photographer goes unnoticed at the wedding taking stolen photographs, without poses and trying to tell the story of the wedding in a very natural way.
  • Illustrative: It is a combination of classic style and photojournalistic style, where photographs with poses are combined with other more relaxed poses and a very careful photographic composition.
  • Fashion style: It is a style that has recently been on the rise, and has a more exaggerated aesthetic, where the bride and groom look like fashion magazine models.

2. Start the search with time

Between the he first task that you have to carry out in the organization of your wedding is to find the photographer, since they are usually in great demand, and especially at certain times of the year. The best ones are usually hired more than a year in advance.

  • If your wedding is on a Sunday or in the low season, it can be easy to hire a good photographer almost without notice to the wedding day, with 5 or 6 months is enough.
  • For weddings in high season, we recommend you to look for a photographer at least one year in advance.
  • On the other hand, for weddings in the low season, a few months in advance (5 or 6 months) is enough to hire a wedding photographer in Ibiza.

3. Don’t just search in your area

Sometimes the best photographers are not close to where you live, in fact the best photographers often travel to cover weddings all over the world.

Searching on the internet is a very effective and fast way to find a photographer for your wedding, and it is an easy way to make a list and compare the ones you like the most. Keep in mind that the best ones are not always the ones that come out in the first results, so you have to compare, compare and compare!

4. Ask for recommendations and comments

Your friends and family may know the most reputable and well-known photographers in a particular area, and it may be a good place to start by asking them if they know or have references to these photographers, either because they know them, because they have met at a wedding, or because of comments from other people.

The important thing is to be able to talk to people close to the photographer to ask about their experience, or to be able to see a coverage made by him. Keep in mind that all this information will serve as a reference, but it is you who will finally decide for one or the other.

5. Evaluate quality or offer

When deciding on a wedding coverage service or another, you have to take into account the quality versus the economic offer. Making a wedding budget is complex, and deciding which item of money to invest each of the expenses even more so.

If you have to cut costs, the tendency is to choose an economic photographer, as opposed to a more expensive one. Our advice is to prioritize quality over the economic offer, and dispense with other services that you have hired for the wedding, such as renting a luxury car, as it is an ephemeral service, but remember that the coverage of your wedding … is for a lifetime.

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6. Be demanding and objective

When a wedding photographer shows his or her gallery of work, it’s easy to be impressed by the places where weddings are held. Keep in mind that there are weddings celebrated in very impressive places that may not be like the one you have chosen for your event.

So the photographer must be able to capture the beauty of the place, show the details you have chosen, the emotions of your guests, the waiting of the groom, and all your emotions during the day. Pay attention to these aspects and you will choose well your Ibiza wedding coverage.

7. Try to see all the photos you have sent and not only the album

A good way to choose a wedding photographer in Ibiza is to look at all their work. It is important to be able to see complete weddings and not just the best 10 photos of each one. You have to be demanding in this aspect so do not hesitate to ask to see complete coverages.

8. Trust and proximity

Important is the choice of a photographer you get along with. He must be a clear person and must be able to understand your needs. You must be able to tell him exactly how you want your wedding, how you want the focus of the event, special moments you want him to capture, the type of image processing, and above all that you have enough confidence with him to show you as you are on the wedding day, without feeling uncomfortable with his presence.

9. Ask how many photos he delivers and if they are edited

The number of photos delivered in photojournalism style wedding coverages usually varies from 400 to 800. Generally, most photographers deliver them edited but, it usually happens that in very high quantities as 1500 or more is not usually the case. Be sure of this point if you don’t want to be surprised.

10. Contract to avoid surprises

Contract. It’s a word that can impress, but it’s very important for you, the bride and groom, because a contract can make the difference between excellent or lousy service. A contract offers you guarantees on the conditions agreed with the photographer. In a contract you should emphasize these basic points in addition to those you want to add:

  • Price of the coverage
  • Amount on account for the reservation
  • Delivery dates
  • Start and end time of the coverage
  • Detailed description of the coverage
  • If there is a pre-wedding or post wedding
  • Extra expenses

You should clarify aspects such as whether the wedding will be covered by one photographer or two, how many photos are delivered, if the album is included, etc.

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Well, after these 10 points that we have written for you, we hope that you have a little more clarity in your ideas when choosing a wedding photographer in Ibiza.

We leave you with a video of a wedding in Ibiza.

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