Tuesday October 29th, 2019

Wedding photographer in Bilbao

Wedding photographer in Bilbao

Just as your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, for me taking your wedding photographs is very important.

That is why, as a professional wedding photographer, I am 100% dedicated to capturing the magic that surrounds a wedding, because more than a job, it is my passion.

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I do wedding photojournalism, which captures the emotion of the moment, before, during and after the wedding, reflecting the illusion that the bride and groom and guests experience. Although I am a photographer in Ibiza, I do not hesitate to go anywhere to capture the best moments of weddings celebrated in different places in Spain, such as Bilbao.

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20 weddings per year

I want to do my job as well as possible, so I only do 20 wedding reports a year, no more and no less. This way, I keep all my energy and passion in each of the weddings I go to.

My photographs

I love capturing feelings and motions from the couples I work with. Therefore, my works stand out for their creative and artistic touch, as well as their naturalness and documentary style.

That’s why I usually get involved in every stage of the wedding process. I capture special, unique moments from the bride and groom, their parents, family and friends, as they all bring an additional value.


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Professional photographer without limitations

Telling your story through my camera lens is something I’m so passionate about that I have no territorial limits for it. That’s why if you live in other parts of the peninsula and you want me to capture the soul and magic of your wedding, you just have to contact me.

I will always be willing to give you the attention and advice you need to create the most beautiful and special memories of your wedding.

Shall we talk about your hopes?

If you are interested in me being your photographer,
and telling the story of your wedding, contact me.

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