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Wedding hairstyles: proposals and trends

Wedding hairstyles: proposals and trends

Choosing the outfit that represents a bride is always complicated, you found the perfect dress with its matching and comfortable shoes; something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue, everything is ready… Or is it?

You have forgotten about the hairstyle and this is one of the most important parts of the whole outfit, as it is the frame for the beautiful face that is the protagonist of the wedding day. In any case, your hairstyle will stand out and will be the detail that enhances each of the individual pieces of your outfit, so it’s time to choose something that represents you and above all that you feel comfortable with.

Bridal hairstyles for long or short hair

Whether you have long or short hair, you deserve your special day to be the most special. Here are some options to help you choose the one that’s closest to your style. If you have long hair, there are many possibilities, such as wearing your hair loose or having your face covered with a braid or bow.

  • You can straighten your hair perfectly and wear it totally loose, this is ideal if you use a full veil which you will later remove at the reception.
  • For straight hair you can make a high updo that leaves the bangs for a more youthful and fresh touch.
  • If you have wavy or curly hair you can braid the top part letting the curls fall down your back.
  • A loose braid that falls over the shoulder is perfect for wavy hair as it looks natural and carefree.
  • Braid updos are super romantic and are perfect for those brides with abundant hair and a tender touch.

Short hair

If you decide to wear your hair short for your wedding day, the sensual waves can be the answer to your prayers, they give a vintage feeling, which you can take advantage of by accompanying that hairstyle with a make-up in the same theme.

  • Semi-curls can also work, just remove the hair that goes to your face and hold it with some tweezers or a small comb would be perfect.
  • In a 60’s wave, a twist on the bangs may work for some types of styles, but it will depend on the length of the bangs.
  • A perfect, straight bob never goes out of style. If you wear your hair with this style, it is best to have it touched up about two weeks before. Ask to have your hair cut in layers and balance all the hair on your head if necessary.

If you’re going to wear your hair short, remember that your makeup should be more than perfect, since all the attention will go directly to your face.

Bridal hairstyles for outdoor wedding

If the wedding you are planning is outdoors, the best thing to do is to make hairstyles that leave our faces uncovered, since the wind will blow our hair towards our face and trying so hard to remove it can ruin your makeup.

  • If you have long hair you can use a half tail and then make curls in the rest of the hair.
  • You can also opt for a messy ponytail that never looks bad.
  • If you have short hair, a bob cut would be best or even a twist on the bangs, to clear the face and cover with a small veil.
  • Don’t forget the accessories.


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Bridal hairstyles for civil or church wedding

Church or civil wedding hairstyles share something, both include lots of shine and give that air of formality. The best way to do this is to use simple and neat hairstyles and decorate your hair with combs, flowers and glitter.

  • One of the hairstyles that stand out the most in civil and church weddings are those that are up, such as braids around the head, raised curls and fastened with invisible clips.
  • You can also see many tight and very smooth buns to highlight the clarity and natural shine of the hair under the veil.

Accessories for decorating wedding hairstyles

Although hair is beautiful on its own, there is nothing that cannot be improved with the right accessories, and there is a great variety in that, and remember, these also enter into the superstition of something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue.

  • Glass Leaf Headdress: This is a handmade accessory made from high quality glass beads. Its attachment is usually a Kirby or Bobby Pin lock. It is for a totally elegant look, and it needs the hair to be wavy.
  • Wreaths: For weddings outdoors or on the beach are often used. They are usually combined with the bride’s eyes or with the bouquet and it is best to avoid plastic flowers as they tend to give the impression of something not very suitable for weddings.
  • Decorated hairpins: If you want to lift only locks of hair, decorated hairpins are the best option, even if you need help from these to hold the braids collected, those that come decorated are the most elegant option.
  • Headbands: For a totally formal event, headbands will make you feel like royalty. A small headband can be a unique accessory if it is decorated with shiny stones and can be worn with or without a veil.


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Why is it important to choose the right wedding hairstyle?

The bride’s hairstyle is part of the beauty of what a bride represents, it is the clarity and the frame of her face. That is why it is always essential that it is well thought out and in line with the aesthetic designed for the wedding and what the bride wants to convey with her attire. And who better to transmit an idea than a professional photographer, take a look at the excellent service of wedding photography in Ibiza, which offers you the fresh and natural style you are looking for

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