Thursday April 26th, 2018

Wedding drones are an original way to have a memory

Wedding drones are an original way to have a memory

Images and videos of a wedding are a fundamental part of this celebration, as they are the best memories you can keep of that great day. Typical are photos, videos and the subsequent memory album that we will show to family and friends, but why not be more original and adapt to our time?

New technologies are increasingly present in our lives, so why not on your wedding day?
Wedding drones are perfect if you want to knock out all your guests. The perspective a drone can capture is not provided by a conventional video camera, so you can have spectacular images of the estate where the wedding is taking place. Your wedding at a bird’s eye view will be a great memory that you will enjoy watching over time.

© Video courtesy of Ibiza Drone

Weddings with drones have become more and more fashionable and many brides and grooms are already choosing video with drones in Ibiza for their wedding. For a beach wedding, there can be some overwhelming images. Wedding drones in Ibiza are almost a must if you are getting married on this wonderful island. What really stands out in these images is the environment and what surrounds you, something difficult to see for yourself or with the usual cameras.


Dron Para Bodas En Ibiza Y Formentera 1

A wedding recording with a drone does not mean many more complications, neither for you nor for the professionals of the sector. It all depends on bringing good equipment and entrusting the drone recording of your wedding to a trusted professional like Ibiza Drone, who is an expert in this type of celebration. This is the only way you can have a wedding report in Ibiza with quality drone and with all the guarantees of a job well done with love and patience.

Weddings are unique moments and it is not worth skimping on resources of this type, as it is the best memory you can keep of the yes I want, the hugs with friends and family and the party after. Without a doubt, the drones have come on strong for the world of photography, thanks to the fact that they capture images that are totally different from the usual ones and can be a great surprise for your partner if you want to keep the secret.



Dron Para Bodas En Ibiza Y Formentera 3

Wedding drone photography is here to stay. More and more brides and grooms are choosing the complete package and do not hesitate for a second to have these magnificent images that are a great memory for a lifetime. We don’t want to say that the traditional is worse, but if you want to take advantage of all the benefits that technology brings, the wedding drones are perfect to complete the photographic report of your wedding and see it from a spectacular perspective.

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