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Villas to celebrate weddings in Ibiza

Villas to celebrate weddings in Ibiza

When we decided to take such an important step as sealing our love with the celebration of a wedding, we looked for villas to celebrate weddings in Ibiza, an idyllic place surrounded by nature and luxury that will make our link the happiest day of our lives.

Ibiza is a magical island. Every year it is visited by tourists from all over the world who are impressed by its climate, its gastronomy and the beauty of its landscapes. Organizing a wedding in Ibiza is a gift for the senses. This day will be marked on your calendar forever if you decide to seal your commitment in the best luxury villas on the island.

A wedding in Ibiza

Ibiza-style weddings have become famous around the world. Its hallmark is clothing, both for the bride and groom and for the guests.

Every year the fashions evolve and we can find many variants, but what lasts over time and has crossed all borders is the presence of white and comfort, symbols of peace and well-being that is breathed in every corner of the city. island.

If you are looking for places to get married in Ibiza, the best option is to rent a villa to celebrate weddings in Ibiza where you can enjoy a unique landscape and all the details and amenities offered by the best team of professionals at your service.

Villas for wedding in Ibiza

I have always imagined a dream wedding on the shores of the Mediterranean accompanied by my loved ones. Whatever your dream you can make it come true with the variety of villas that the Island of Ibiza offers us. There is a suitable choice for every taste and need.

The best team of professionals is at your disposal to create a personalized space where you can select every detail and adapt the environment so that your guests feel comfortable and accompany you on the most important day of your life.

We offer you a list specially selected by Ibiza Prestige, a real estate agency specialized in villas for events in Ibiza.

These are some of the best villas to celebrate weddings in Ibiza:


Isara is a wonderful villa located in Cala Moli. Isara offers us one of the best places to celebrate a wedding. It has direct access to the sea and the sunsets in front of the islets are beautiful. Isara has a long covered terrace that can be customized to organize the banquet while guests enjoy access to the garden and pool.

Villa Jumali

Villa Jumali 0Villa Jumali 1Villa Jumali 3

Villa Jumali it is a modern villa with 300 m² surrounded by Mediterranean and tropical vegetation. Villa Jumali has a privileged place to enjoy the wonderful views of the Formentera Island and the Porroig peninsula. Outside there is a large terrace that connects all the rooms and has all the necessary equipment to celebrate an unforgettable wedding.

Casa Sun

Casa Sun it is a minimalist style villa located near the beach of Cala Jondal. It is built on several levels at the foot of a hill. It has a very spacious 200 m² dining room to celebrate a wonderful wedding party while enjoying the views through its large windows.

Can Tyane

Villa Tyane 1

On the San Jose road we find another splendid villa to celebrate an unforgettable wedding. Can Tayne is a modern villa built in 2010 with a 500 m² house surrounded by nature. Its environment is perfect to create a professional photographic report that will make you remember your day forever.

Can Río

Villa Can Rio 1Villa Can Rio 2Villa Can Rio 3

Between Santa Gertrudis and San Lorenzo is this impressive villa with an open floor plan great for celebrating a wedding. Its high-end finishes will be the perfect setting for such a special day. The Can Río villa is the best for those who want to celebrate a quiet wedding in the middle of the Ibizan countryside.

Villa Centelleo

Villa Centelleo 2

If you are looking for a luxury villa to seal your love Villa Centelleo is one of the best choices. 80,000 m² of land and stunning views from its 1,500 m² of terraces will draw a film celebration for your liaison. Its location is perfect to enjoy the beaches of the Southwest and the nightlife of Ibiza.

Ca Na Xica

Ca Na Xica 1 Ca Na Xica 2 Ca Na Xica 3

Ca Na Xica is a luxurious villa that will provide guests from abroad with quick and convenient access from the airport. This villa has one of the best designs for luxury properties. Celebrating your wedding in Ca Na Xica will allow you to enjoy an amphitheater cinema located around a private lake where you can project all the memories that have brought you together at this very special moment.

Villa Everland

Villa Everland 1

Another great choice for a luxurious wedding is Villa Everland. It is built on a hill and from it you can see beautiful views of Formentera and Salinas. The peace and calm of the surroundings will make all the guests fall in love, who will remember forever having been part of your union.

Villa Perla

Villa Pearl 1 Villa Pearl 2 Villa Pearl 3

Villa Perla It is a dream come true. It has direct access to the sea and offers you the possibility of making a movie entry on board a boat. It has 350 m² of terraces to marvel at the impressive views of South Formentera on a large 7,000 m² plot.

A professional photographic service

All these villas have in common the beauty of their designs and the environment that surrounds them. With the wedding photographic services of “Studio Fused” you can obtain the most original photographic reports on the island.

With the best wedding photographer service in Ibiza, you can remember your day forever, remembering the most exciting moments with a high-quality professional report.


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