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Tips for preparing the house on the wedding day

Tips for preparing the house on the wedding day

Are you getting married soon and want everything to be perfect in the pre-ceremony photos? For this you have to prepare very well the spaces where the groom and the bride will be prepared.

Actually, preparing your house for a photo shoot is not that complicated as long as you take into account a series of important recommendations and tips that I bring to you for this purpose.

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How to fix the house on the wedding day

Although some details may seem obvious, as this is a wedding we cannot leave anything to chance, as everything has to be as perfect as we wanted it to be. Both the bride’s and groom’s houses must be very well arranged and in tune with the theme of the wedding, so that everything fits in well with that magic that a marriage has.

As an experienced wedding photographer I will present you with a series of ideas to decorate and arrange your houses with little effort so that they are as beautiful and suitable as we wish. Among them we have:

Keep the order

It’s pretty obvious. A messy house is not the most appropriate thing to do for a photo shoot before a wedding. However, sometimes it is inevitable that the preparations will cause us to overlook something. In that sense, we recommend you to avoid leaving any clothes or other elements that are not in accordance with the theme.

Remember that the only clothes and accessories that should be on display should only be those worn by the bride or groom.

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Choose a space

It is very important that you choose the room where you will take pictures of the preparations for the bride and groom, their outfits, accessories, family and friends, among others.

The most recommendable thing is to choose a space as luminous and as big as possible, that allows to obtain original angles taking advantage of the natural illumination. Do not worry if your room is too small or not very bright. In that case the best thing is to choose a living room or a lounge that allows us to have the greatest comfort to obtain original and beautiful images.

Organize the place

If there is any furniture in the living room or bedroom that could get in the way of taking the pictures, don’t hesitate to move it. Whether it is a sofa, a chair, among other elements, it is better to remove them so that the session flows as naturally and simply as possible.

The aim of this is to ensure the greatest possible mobility so that you can obtain images from various angles. Even this gives the bride and groom more comfort by not being so tight.

Decorate the space

Although it is best to decorate in a simple way, without exaggerating the details, it is advisable to place some vases with flowers or some floral centers that improve the appearance of the room or living room, which can also be used when making original images.

Another idea for which many brides and grooms are inclined when it comes to decorating the place where the photographs of wedding accessories will be taken is the use of garlands or balloons. They are quite attractive elements to decorate arches, door frames, windows, which will be places that will give more life to the images.

In case there are stairs with handrails in the place, take advantage of this element to decorate it with some floral details like the ones that will be used in the place of the ceremony or the celebration of this one.

Elements related to the couple

It is very appropriate to place some elements that relate to them as a photograph of the couple’s boyfriends. It is also correct to place your initials on details such as cushions, blankets, covers, among others. It is also valid to use any element that is used as decoration for the wedding or the banquet. That way, there will be a perfect harmony between the room and the other details that will be observed in the other rooms.


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Important tips for preparing your home on your wedding day

Decorating your house on your wedding day should not take long or cause unnecessary stress. Remember that every marriage union is as original and beautiful as you want it to be. Use the elements that you consider necessary keeping in mind that it is always better to avoid excesses.

Even though the photographer can help you with some ideas, the best thing is to prepare the place with all the details possible, so that you can make the most of your time and achieve very original photographs, which will later become excellent memories of that special day.

Don’t leave everything to the last minute. Even though it’s your house, don’t wait to decorate it late, I recommend you to place the decoration at least 12 hours before the photo session. That way, if any inconvenience arises, you can solve it with peace of mind and without stress.

The same applies to the decoration of the bride and groom, parents and friends who will participate in the photo session before the ceremony, as far as punctuality is concerned. It is very important that everyone is dressed and ready when the photographer arrives. This way the time is optimized and the session flows more naturally.

Another important aspect is to visualize a place in the house where you want to have special pictures taken with your parents and close friends, and make sure everything is in perfect condition for this. You can even take advantage of items such as old sofas and chairs for those family photos we like so much.

You can see in our wedding gallery some examples that illustrate this article.

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