Prewedding session in Ibiza

Photography of pre-wedding in Ibiza

Prewedding session in Ibiza, the best photos before your link.

The pre-wedding is a session that takes place before the wedding, in which I capture your personality as a couple.

One of the secrets to achieve the best photos of your link is a pre-wedding session I want to capture your essence as a couple and this session is an unbeatable way to get to know you as a couple and also you lose shyness to the camera.

The result is that you will not be watching me on the day of the wedding and you will enjoy the celebration more, and the photos will be fresher and more natural.

Another added attraction of the pre-wedding session is that you will have an unforgettable memory as a bride and groom before you become a husband and wife. This session takes place a few days before your wedding in Ibiza, without hurry and when you want.

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