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Photo session for couples in Ibiza

Photo session for couples in Ibiza

Whether you are getting married, want to make a spectacular wedding request or simply want to have nice memories with your partner in the city where you live or during your dream vacation a photo shoot for couples is always a good idea.

It can be a way to give that special person a surprise by doing a photo session in Ibiza.

In order for the photos of a couple to work and be spectacular, it is important to capture the complicity, love and happiness that you give off when you are together and that is precisely what I do as a couple’s photographer in Ibiza.


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Preparing the photo shoot

In order for a photo session of any kind to be really useful and to obtain the desired results, we first need to make preparations; for this purpose it is important that you meet in person (or at least video call) one of the participants of the photo session in Ibiza. In this way we can talk about what they expect from these photos, give advice on their expectations and detail important elements to take into account.

  • The style of the photos: This is the main protagonist of the previous conversation, here we will agree if the photos are for a pre wedding, for holidays or as a souvenir; we will also talk about if you have a specific theme in mind, if it will include friends or pets and the style that you want to give to the images.
  • The location: Our photo sessions can be carried out in different locations in Ibiza, in closed spaces, in the countryside or around the city, at the couple’s choice, but always advised by us.
  • The schedule: This is very important since a bad illumination can ruin the photos and always the natural light is the best. For this it is important to plan the schedule very well because if you want photos outdoors perhaps the hours of sunset are the best but the preparations of the stage must be done some hours before. It is also important that you organize the amount of time you need for these pictures so you don’t commit to anything else in that time.
  • Costumes and scenery or accessories: This is important because it will influence a lot on the aesthetics of the pictures, it is advisable to use a comfortable wardrobe that allows you to perform the movements for the poses you like, in case you want a particular scene you should prepare the scenery with time and the accessories or complements; improvisation is good, but you should not discard the previous preparation.
  • Transport: In case it is necessary to move from one place to another it is important to organize the subject of transport. In addition, you should consider the time needed to move and that does not affect the time of the shots.


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Popular photo types in 2019

During this year 2019 some types of photographs have become popular for quite particular couples and here we bring you our favorites, which will inspire you to make your book.

  • Snapshots, are those natural photos in which people do not pose, there are couples who do not like these types of photos and often avoid them, but instead if you’re the kind of person who likes spontaneity these photos will be your favorite, talk to me when organizing the preparations and enjoy the surprise photos with your partner.
  • Posed photos, yes, you can copy famous photos of great romances. Don’t be ashamed to have photos in which you appear copying some famous pose, it has become fashionable to emulate old photos and give them your touch of color and tenderness, look for the ones you like the most and recreate and modify them as you prefer.
  • Intimate and secret photos, this type of photography is usually done with the couple alone, and consists of capturing those intimate moments, looks, holding hands and sharing a small space only the lovers.
  • Photos with friends, if they are the participants of your love why not invite them to your photo session. Make them part of your memories by creating a great scene where you can all share together the experience of meeting each other.
  • Photos with pets, give your pet the space it deserves. Many couples adopt puppies or cats together and raise them as if they were their own children; include them in your couples photo session in Ibiza and show off your pet with your family and friends.


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Tips for a good photo shoot

If you are still nervous about your photo shoot we will leave you some tips that will make this experience perfect:

  • Use matte makeup. If you can’t afford a professional makeup artist (which is really recommended), make your makeup as matte as possible and take along the accessories to retouch it if necessary.
  • Feel, give free rein to your emotions. Remember that this session is to keep a memory of the great love you feel for your partner. Let your feelings come out and show on your skin so that the camera can capture them. Do not be inhibited and give free rein to all this.
  • Don’t over carry, just take what you need or you will regret carrying unnecessary things from one place to another; lighten your luggage. Because you won’t know where to put that big bag so that it doesn’t show up in the pictures and ruin them.
  • Have fun. That’s what it’s all about, the memory and experience of being photographed with the love of your life. Enjoy the moment and live the great experience of a photo session with a book photographer in Ibiza.

We also offer a wedding photography service in Ibiza, which is not only for wedding photographs, we also want to be part of your space day and give you the best images so that your memories are the best and most envied by your friends and family.

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