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How much is a wedding coverage worth

How much is a wedding coverage worth

Are you going to get married and in 2020 and want to know the prices of a wedding coverage in Ibiza? We give you some information in this article.

All the expenses of a wedding there are differences in price and quality, like for example the banquet, the disc jockey, or the ham cutter, in the wedding report service there are also different prices and qualities. Ask for an estimate now.

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How much do your memories cost?

In organizing your wedding, you may have already noticed that the word “wedding” means a price increase in any budget you request, such as the restaurant menu. There are many expenses to be faced, and it is convenient to have clear your preferences to invest with the budget you have. Ask yourself the following question: How much do your wedding memories matter? I’m sure the answer is that you care a lot, and that you want to have the best memory of your wedding.

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Wedding report price

There are many professional wedding photographers, some more expensive, others less expensive. In my experience, a 400 euro report, for example, is usually offered by photographers who are just starting out or who are not professionals, so entrusting the memories of such an important day as your wedding to someone who is not a professional is quite a risk.

Paying 1600 euros for a report does NOT guarantee a better result. The best in this case is a middle ground. These prices are usually for closed packages, and I recommend that you ask for a personalized estimate for your wedding.


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What does my wedding report service include?

Every wedding is different, and every wedding tells a unique story. In my reports I usually deliver a USB memory stick with a minimum of 600 and a maximum of 900 high resolution photographs, without watermarks for framing or giving away to relatives. In addition to a nice wooden box with 20 10×15 printed photos and a private online gallery to share. You can see in more detail what my services include on this page.

An investment in the future

I advise you to think of the wedding report as an investment, not as an expense. Think about remembering in the best way the smiles, the tears, the looks or the funny moments you didn’t see. What value do you give to these memories?

Now it’s your turn to decide what you want to invest in…


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