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After the wedding, how to manage the procedures if you decide to move from home

After the wedding, how to manage the procedures if you decide to move from home

Changing your address has never been simple. One of the most important procedures is to request the discharge of the different services, which becomes more complex when we are newly married and we hope that everything goes well. In cases such as changing the owner of the service, you can take advantage of the information provided by the marketing companies.

How to change the holder?

For example, the change of ownership in Fenosa can be executed following the instructions provided by the company. This is a procedure that can be done even with a change of owner Fenosa via Online. It is a functional option and, in addition, it has all the guarantees from any marketing company, that is, in these cases, the supply companies have links on their pages to carry out this management. In fact, other companies also have this service as in the case of the change of owner in EDP, management that you can perform by entering

What should you know to change the holder of an electricity service?

There are some conditions to carry out the process that may be of interest especially when you just moved. Let’s see what aspects you should take into account and what you need to complete the process.

Documentation needed to change the holder of the service

It is, in fact, a legal act that must be responsible, so the first thing is identification:

  • Identity document of the new owner, in this case one of the two spouses.
  • Lease or title agreement proving ownership.
  • CUPS number (Identification code of the service supply point).
  • Account number associated with direct payment of invoices.

In some particular cases, the company you choose reserves the right to request additional documents to make the change of ownership.

Some considerations prior to the change of ownership management

One aspect that almost no one values ​​is that of the person who will appear in the contract. As we are talking about hiring after a marriage, it is vitally important that you remember a basic aspect. The spouse who finally signs the contract is not only obliged, but becomes responsible for any event. In case of separation, ownership is not shared, so we must assume the implications of this action later.

Maybe the house is rented or we have bought it. In these cases, there may be prior contracts so it is important to verify the status of the previous contract. We should not inhabit the house without first clarifying this condition because we assume the previous debts if this matter is not clear.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the case of the rate to be selected. As we do not know deeply the house that we will inhabit and we do it in novel conditions, the ideal is to make a diagnosis of the equipment and facilities. Through this link, you can inform yourself of the actions you can apply to optimize the energy consumption of your new home.

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